Racing: SpruceBeer’s Concept Car

It is time for SpruceBeer to start making racing history. Our 2007 Dodge Charger no.19 is set to be completed by October 2008. Driving the SpruceBeer no.19 will be Lenny Lang, a talented young racer from Syracuse, New York.

Racing Team no. 19

Lenny Lang
Born: 1983
Weight: 155lbs
Height: 5'9"

Pit Crew:
Front Tire Changer: Raymond Harris
Front Tire Carrier: John Steinman
Rear Tire Changer: Sam Brickke
Rear Tire Carrier: Rick James
Jack Man: Diane Richards
Gas Man: Danesh Rajpal
Catch Can Man: Sigmund Deckston

Above: Lenny Lang is set to be the official driver for Spruce Beer’s no.19 starting in October 2008.