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We’re glad to have you over. Relax. Grab a Spruce Beer and make yourself at home. Each invigorating sip will remind you of nature’s ability to restore and refresh. We take pride in the fact that Spruce Beer is made with all natural ingredients. Not to mention that one can provides a full day’s supply of Vitamin C. So the next time you are in need of refreshment, put down the cola and reach for the red, white, and gold, Spruce Beer.

While you are here, please take some time to learn about us and our rich history. You may also check out our monthly outdoors section. We ask the experts for advice on fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, and anything else outdoors-related. Perhaps you are not an outdoors buff or your favorite pastime is watching Nascar. In that case, our racing section is the place for you. Take a look our slick Dodge Charger no.19 stock car concept and our talented young driver, Lenny Lang. By next year, it will all be for real, representing freedom and adventure, nationwide. Before you go, don’t miss out on the Grouse Hunt game. Do you have the skill and steadiness to win? If you have any questions about Spruce Beer soda or this site, feel free email us or check out the faqs (frequently asked questions) page.