Frequently Asked Questions: Fishing for Answers

Here at Spruce Beer soda, we receive many questions from our consumers. Listed below, are the most commonly asked ones, along with our answers to them. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

Q & A

Q: Are any trees harmed in the process of making Spruce Beer?
A: Not at all! We only harvest the newly grown tips of spruce branches in order to make our soda. It is really no different from pruning a bush.

Q: What is the symbolic meaning behind Spruce Beer’s colors?
A: That is a good question! The red represents life force and activity. Longevity and quality is characterized by the gold, while the white symbolizes purity.

Q: Is Spruce Beer soda good for mixing drinks?
A: Yes. Spruce Beer makes a great drink mix. It works especially well when served on the rocks with crushed mint and cinnamon. Add a little rum to the mix for the responsible adults.

Q: Where I live, none of the stores carry Spruce Beer. Is there another way that I can get it?
A: Your best bet is ordering Spruce Beer soda from one of our reputable distributors.

Q: I would like Spruce Beer to sponsor my (event, team, etc). How can this be done?
A: Simply send us a proposal. There are no strict guidelines and you should receive a reply within two weeks.

Q: Is there a diet version of Spruce Beer soda available?
A: Currently, there is no diet version of Spruce Beer. In keeping with our “all natural” pledge, we refuse to use any artificial flavors or sweeteners in our soda.